As organizations increasingly link more and more of their operational processes to their cyber infrastructure, effective cyber security is key to an organization’s ability to protect its assets, including its reputation, intellectual property (IP), staff and customers. Many companies believe that their investment in sophisticated technical solutions mean that they are well protected from cyber-attacks.
However, this is only one part of an effective defence. To counter the evolving cyber threat facing organizations today, business leaders must ensure they have an integrated approach to cyber security tailored to their particular business and risk profile, addressing not only the technical aspects of their defence, but also the people and organizational elements. See-Secure offers organizations integrated cyber risk management and developing cyber security strategy that aligns the processes of management, security and risk into one business-centric framework. Together, we can make your business more resilient to any future cyber security incident or threat.

We divided our cybersecurity strategy services in four major parts:

  1. Gather Business Requirements
  2. Develop Cyber Security Strategy
  3. Implement Cyber Security Strategy
  4. Maintain and Improve the Cyber Security Strategy

For each part, we developed several activities to help the organization develop and implement a cyber-security strategy that matches the unique organization’s business requirements and the relevant cyber threats landscape for the specific industry.