Tools & Technology

– Security Analytics Platform
– Proactive Monitoring – Automated Monitoring,Monitored object reporting, Integrated to Business Processes and24x7 Monitoring
– Alert and Notification – Security Incident Reporting, Alerts Categorized based on Risk Level and Notifications to Business Process Owners
– Events Correlation – Contextual Correlation of events, Situational Awareness and Mapped
to Business Processes

Risk Management

Risk Ranking – Risk Management Framework, Categories Alerts, Notifications and Compliance based on Risk level and Risk Review
– Vulnerability Management – Periodic Vulnerability Assessment and Audit, Alert and Notify the
Business Process Owners for action to close the Vulnerabilities and Validate Remedial
Action Completion

Compliance and Audit – Compliance Templates, Compliance Enforcement, Compliance Violation Reporting and Review of Compliance Policies periodically
– Change Management – Change Management processes, Automated Approval Processes and Change Control Validation
– Configuration Management – Configuration Management Database, Configuration Logs, Archrivals, Mapped to Change Control and Configuration Rollback

Incident Management

Incident Response – Investigation and Analysis, Evidence Gathering, Escalation Management and Forensics
– Behavioral Analysis – Detection,Anomaly Detection and Network Behavioral Analysis Reporting
– Periodic Incident / Event Reporting,Trend Analysis Reporting, Feedback and Review Mechanism